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Feeling Safe in your Creative Self

It's amazing how many artist friends of mine talk about the fear of sharing their work with the outside world. Being creative is personal and it comes from the heart and soul. It's who you are. Sharing who you are and what you create is scary and can make you feel vunderable. There isn't a creative person in the world from those in the past to those in the future who doesn't or won't feel this way. Another problem we have is that we compare ourselves with other artists. In our mind we think our work isn't good enough compared to other artist's work.

I am no different, but here is the thing: if I don't share my work, no one will know what I create. But if I do, maybe there are people out there who will like it! Everyone sees visual art differently. Each and every one of us view the world differently. For me, I view the beauty around me in a simplistic way.

First thing I notice are the colours. Next are the simple shapes, shadows and lights of a landscape. The thought now is how can I recreate what I see with fabric and fibre?

The next step is the challenge, a fun exercise, going through my stash and pulling out colours and textures, or painting fabric in order to have the correct shade of colour to use. I get lost in the process of creating, I don't worry about what people think - is this technique acceptable, is it a real art technique? No, I create using what works to give me the effect I'm looking for.

I read a great article on on how to make your own landscapes, and they suggest you select a landscape that has personal meaning, a connection, memory or a narrative that links you to the place. I believe this to be true, because it gives you an opportunity to express your true self in each piece.

What I have learned over the years, and I am still learning, is that in order to feel safe in my creative self, I need to create for myself.

So when you have completed a piece and feel good about it, release it into the world because your art will make this world a better place!

Believe me, if Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael or Donatello didn't share their work, what a loss to the art world this would be.

So until next time, keep creating!



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