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Trunk Show


Growing up with creative parents, Sue was exposed to many pastimes as a child, including needlework, sewing, painting and woodwork, but not quilting. Sue spins a delightful tale of her journey into this wonderfully creative world - from learning to quilt, to working as creative director for a leading fabric wholesaler, to discovering her true passion for fibre and textile artistry – with plenty of eye candy for inspiration!


Sunshine Coast Quilters' Guild

Spellbinding - that’s all I can say about our resource day speaker - Susan Jensen.

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and Class Offerings.


Simple Landscape for the Beginner 


This class introduces you to Sue's process of creating a simple landscape using  fabrics, paints and stitch.

You will learn how to create simple elements such as sky, water, mountains. Once you have your background completed, you will learn how to create

depth, shading and highlighting your piece with paint and machine stitch.  Pre-requesite: Sewing Experience


Branching Out -

Nature's Threadwork


 Are you a beginner or a seasoned quilter? Are you now ready to learn something different but still what to use your sewing and quilting skills? If so, then this workshop will help you "Branch Out” and introduce you to textures, fibres, painting, and stitching.

You will learn a variety of techniques to build a broader repertoire of skills to create beautiful landscapes. 


Walled Garden


In this class we will apply the techniques you learned in the Branching Out - Nature's Threadwork workshop to create beautiful landscape fibre art piece to give you the confidence to continue onto your own designs.

**Pre-requiste:  Branching Out" Nature's Threadwork class.




This workshop is a great introduction to landscapes, using a variety  techniques and methods.  

You will learn how to compose a small simple landscape using leftover scraps of fabric, embroidery floss and other materials and supplies found in your  sewing room.

**Great for beginners as well as seasoned stitchers who love handwork!

Parksville House Quilters Guild - Andy

Thank you again for the inspiration!  Your patience, good humour and relaxed, “go with the flow” attitude was lovely!  You are a great teacher.  (As a retired home ec teacher of 35 years,  I know one when I see one!)


I hope you will come back to the Island again soon with some new projects, tricks and inspiration!  I’ll be first in line to sign up!

Paint, Ink, Dye your own Fabrics


Nothing is more satisfying than using your own fabrics for your landscapes art pieces!

  In this workshop you will learn about paints, inks and dyes and their myriad of uses, and  create your own fabrics and fibers for use in your landscapes and fibre artwork. 

Parksville House Quilters Guild - Andy

Using the  dyed or inked fabrics of mine from the workshop.  (One of the best I’ve ever taken by the way!  Thank you)


I also got some of the “Gloss” medium you recommended and used it on the water, after I’d done the stitching!  Great tip, I know I’ll use it a lot!


I spent today reworking my studio to include space for inking and dying.  It looks fabulous and everything I need is handy!

I hope you will come back to the Island again soon with some new projects, tricks and inspiration!  I’ll be first in line to sign up!

Tsukienko Inks and cheese cloth.jpg

Lighthearted - English Lane Technique


This lighthearted - English Lane  technique, is great class for all levels where you can use  scraps of fabric to create a cityscape.  This easy fun loving class gives each student the opportunity to create their very own  whimsical laneway cityscape.  Join Susan in this one day workshop.  


Vancouver Art Classes are offered in various locations through out Canada. 

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