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People ask "What kind of Artist are you?

Well, that is an interesting question. I thought about it over the years, and this is what I realized about myself and my work. I love being in and part of the landscape. The days of my youth growing up in Ontario, we spent our holidays camping in Northern Ontario. I fell in love with the landscape, the smells, the sounds, feelings of peace and serenity of the forest and shorelines. I am incredibly grateful living here in British Columbia, with trees, water and the mountains at our doorstep which brings to mind those earlier years. Colour and texture are everywhere, my mind wonders, how can I recreate what I see into what I do? Going for a walk or a drive I have my phone camera with me, as do most people, but I use it more for the camera to capture the essence of what I see, than using it as a phone! Back in the studio, perusing my photos and scraps of fabric, threads, yarns, wool roving, and paint, I imagine how each element can be part of a landscape but work together cohesively. I look at my supplies in a unique way than that for which they are traditional used. Yarn is for knitting, but for me, the yarn gives me texture for a tree or a bush; fabrics can be skies, water or grasses, wool for clouds...... so the journey begins. Below is a result of those scraps. It takes little to make a beautiful landscape, just from scraps of this and that (or what I call bits and bobs!). So, remember a little of this and that, can go along way!

So, until next time....enjoy the process!

Cheers, Sue

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