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Tips on Preparing for a Fibre Art Class

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Fibre Art is using a variety of fabrics, threads and fibre as our medium to create a picture instead of using paint. Here are some tips that can help you prepare for a class.

  1. Bring a pair of scissors with a sharp point - make sure that they have not been used for paper. Paper wears down the sharpness quickly, so you will have difficulty cutting fabric and thread.

2. If you have a thimble, bring it along - learning to hand stitch if you haven't before,

will protect your finger tip.

3. Straight Pins - we use these to help with fraying fabric edges, so if you have some

pins, bring them.

4. Glue Stick - Great to hold the pieces in place as you stitch.

5. Put your name or a sticker on all your tools - I go to the dollar store and purchase some stickers such has butterflies, bugs, yellow dots, whatever you would like and

stick them on each tool before coming to class so you know what tools are yours.

Trust me, just ask me why I know this!

6. Pen and paper should you want to write your own notes as you learn.

7. Creating is fun so just relax, there is no rules in creating, in my classes I will show

you where to begin, how to put it together and finish a piece, but always remember to think "what if". We love sharing in our classes, if something comes into your mind, share it, the more we all share the more we all learn!

8. Be able to laugh at yourself! We all make mistakes, I do, but in this creative world, mistakes become opportunities! It's a win, win!

So until next time, keep on creating!


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