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Tools of my Trade

There is a variety of fabrics, tools and bits and pieces that I use in my work. Like all of us who love needlework and creating we have collected skills and supplies along the way. I remember counted cross stitch, hand embroidery, knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, and yes even macrame among others! Over the years, I thought about all these skills and now use them in my work. Working for many years in a quilt shop I was exposed to so many tools, gadgets not to mention techniques and of course fabrics! Here is some of my favorite tools, supplies and fabrics.

Technique’s ideas: Couching of fibers such as yarn, or thicker threads using bobbin work.

Inks or water color to add shading or highlighting.

Felting either by hand or by machine

Hand embroidery


Fabric Markers

Needles: Top stitch 90/14

Twin Needles 2.0

Felting needles – with barbed needles

Hand Embroidery needles

Tools: Spring hand embroidery hoop


Fabric Folding Pen

Hera Marker

Adhesives 505 spray

Glue Sticks

Double sided fusible

Fabrics: Cotton

Hand dyed fabric



Cheese cloth



Fibers: Yarns

Felted Wool

DMC Embroidery floss

Pearl Cotton Thread

Kraft-Tex washable paper

Embellishments: Beads



Batting: Fusible batting

Wool batting

Stabilizers: Tearaway

Sulky’s Ultra Solvy

Printable Sticky Fabri-solvy sheets

Threads: Clear monofilament thread, Rayon’s, silks, cotton, polyester in a variety of weights

So did deep into your creative past and see if you can use some of your previous skills to enhance the work you are doing now!

Until next time, keep on creating!

Cheers, Sue

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